(T.E.C.C)Tactical Emergency Casualty Care 

(2 Days)


Date & Time

 April 20th - 21st

9:00am -  4:00pm (Both Days)


This curriculum is based upon the foundation of the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care created by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC). This dynamic and practical course introduces evidence based, life-saving techniques and largely covers the evaluation and treatment of a casualty during the Care Under Fire/Direct Threat phase. Which is (any medical care that is provided while the responder and casualty are in an ongoing situation that is a direct threat to life). Examples include active shooter or active violent incident, building collapse, fire, explosion, mass casualty situations,  etc. This phase requires efficient hemorrhage control, largely with tourniquets, and patient movement.

While most injuries are not immediately life-threatening, some injuries cause death before the arrival of EMS if not managed rapidly and correctly. Security concerns usually delay EMS in these types of events. Instead, responding law enforcement and nearby private citizens provide the most life-saving care in this phase.

This course uses photographs of actual injuries, diagrams of wounds, and step-by-step demonstrations. the first time you see a massive hemorrhage shouldn't be when you're being called on to give life-saving medical care. After taking this course you will have a strong understanding on how to identify life-threatening injuries and be able to save lives.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Subjects Covered

This course is 70% dynamic presentation including photos, videos, and real-life examples and 30% practical skills demonstration and practical application.

No prior medical knowledge or training is necessary to attend. If you carry a firearm this is the minimum level of tactical medical training you should have.

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