(E.D.C) Every Day Carry Course


Date & Time

May 18th

9:00am -  1:00pm


This 4 hour course of instruction is for those who already possess a CCW permit or for those who live in a constitutional carry state that have no need to possess a permit. This course emphasizes the importance of carrying your firearm on you everyday. As well as getting the students to a high enough proficiency level that they are confident enough that should the worst happen they are ready and willing to act and to possibly save others. 

Unlike the entry level NRA CCW courses that only have students shoot 20 rounds and gives less then 10 minutes on the range to be qualified, This course gives students hours of range time and training to make them proficient with their concealed firearm.   


Safety requirement: All students must have the basic understanding of their handgun. Students need to have the ability to verify safe, load and unload their firearms. All individuals must be 19 years of age or older and legally able to own a firearm. Safety violations and mishandling of the firearm will result in removal from training with no refunds.

Learning Objectives

Gear list: