Combative Primary & Secondary Firearm Course


Date & Time

May 4th

9:00am -  2:00pm


This 5 hour block of instruction is designed to provide individuals with the fundamentals and tactics for gunfighting that are taught in the U.S. Military to effectively engage threats either in an offensive or defensive application. This course will provide instruction on effectively engaging targets with your primary and secondary firearms, choosing kit, target identification, combat marksmanship, proper weapon manipulation, target engagements and shooting under stress. 


Safety requirement: All students must have the basic understanding of their handgun and rifle. Students need to have the ability to verify safe, load and unload their firearms. All individuals must be 18 years of age or older and legally able to own a firearm. Safety violations and mishandling of the firearm will result in removal from training with no refunds.

Learning Objectives

Gear list: