Active Shooter Prevention & Response

$180 per student 

minimum class size required: 3 students

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With all the active shootings going on recently it is important to have the knowledge and understanding to put yourself and others in the best possible position to survive these encounters. This course does exactly that, the classroom portion includes learning the difference between a soft target and a hard target all the way up to worse case scenario where you have to fight back. This course is ideal for teachers, churchgoers, or regular office workers. This course also teaches effective ways to help prevent active shootings from ever happening in the first place.

For the shooting range portion this course teaches fundamental shooting drills and tactics that will give you a better chance of  effectively neutralizing an active shooter. Which include basic shooting drills, stress induced engagement of targets, proper use of cover and concealment, teaching the basics of room clearing. Students will also learn how properly care for any individuals that have been injured during shooting events by teaching the fundamentals of T.E.C.C (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care).

Remember the quickest response time to an active shooter is how fast you can draw your firearm.

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